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Marta Pisarri

BA in Psychology,
MSc in Child Adolescence and Family Mental Health,
MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy,
Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy


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All About Therapy

I am a psychologist and an integrative psychotherapist registered with the UKCP - UK Council for Psychotherapy. I have been working in the field for over 10 years working with both children and adults in private and public sectors. I provide psychotherapeutic support for adults and parents. In my approach I integrate psychoanalytic approach, attachment theory, family/system approach and CBT techniques.

Integrative therapy combines different therapeutic techniques and approaches to fit the needs of each client. By combining elements drawn from different schools of psychological theory and research, integrative psychotherapy becomes a more flexible and inclusive approach to treatment than more traditional, singular forms of psychotherapy. I have an holistic approach where I look at past and present experiences to gather a sense of the person in front of me and find the best way to help them. I believe that therapy is personal journey that should focus on the individual needs. Hence I aim to understand the person's emotional sufferance and difficulties in order to promote inner wellbeing and growth. Therapy is a non judgemental process based on trust and partnership from both, the client and the therapist.

Psychoanalysis is a therapeutic process which helps patients understand and resolve their problems by increasing awareness of their inner world and its influence over relationships both past and present. Psychodynamic psychotherapy aims to help people to understand and change complex, deep-seated and often unconsciously based emotional and relationship problems thereby reducing symptoms and alleviating distress. Systemic psychotherapy and attachment theory focus specifically on relationships, and how the quality of these relationships affects all aspects of our wellbeing. In my therapeutic work with clients not only I give extreme importance to the relationships they have with families, friends, work colleagues, but also to the social, cultural and political environment. 

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Services I Offer

I offer both, 1-to-1 sessions to single individuals and also parent(s) support.

Two Dried Leaves

Individual Therapy

I work mainly with individuals over 18s. I provide individual therapy for those who struggle to manage life's challenges, want to improve relationships, discard thoughts and behaviours that no longer work for them, face a difficult period and want to find purpose in life.

I will provide you with a safe and creative space in which you can explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and we can think about a useful way forward. 

My areas of expertise are:

  • depression and anxiety

  • substance misuse

  • traumatic experiences and PTSD

  • child psychopathology and emotional difficulties

  • parent/infant psychotherapy

  • antenatal and postnatal support

  • personality disorder

However, I believe that people are something more that their diagnosis and symptoms; this list is just to provide some guidelines.


Parental Support

I offer psychological support to parents who experience problems with their children and in their role as parents.

  • Sleeping, crying and feeding problems

  • Weaning and separation problems

  • The impact of depression or anxiety in pregnancy or postnatally 

  • Parenting without the support of a partner or co-parent

  • Managing the transition in the couple relationship as partners become parents

  • Sibling rivalry 

  • Managing challenging and opposite behaviours

  • Difficulties in a parent’s own childhood that can affect being a mother or father

  • Perinatal loss or trauma on becoming a parent

  • The effects of prematurity, illness or disability on parenting and relationships 

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105 Wightman Road N4 1RJ, London, UK


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